About Migmarket


“Mig Market” has started its housing construction activity in 1993, directing it at the construction of:
    - Residential buildings
    - Industrial buildings
    - Hotel buildings
    - Low building – residential and summer-houses
    - Refurbishment and reconstruction
Since its establishment until now the company has built over 500 apartments, studios, garages, shops, office buildings, laboratories, summer-houses, storehouses, etc. There are four residential buildings, which are in the process of being constructed, as well as building of a 4-star hotel complex on the Black Sea coast.



Specialists with long practice in the Company, work in the offices of “Mig Market”. Over 100 workers only are employed in the “Construction” department of the Company.




The company realizes its building activities through assignment, compensation and еnterpreneurship.
The main objective of the company is high quality of the buildings and stable relationships with its clients. It achieves this goal by observing the high requirements and approved principles set at every stage of the construction process.

     Modern technologies

     Short and reliable terms of implementation

     Materials, which correspond to the European and world standards

     Correct and reliable suppliers

     Selectivity in the choice of new construction projects

     Guaranteed feedback with the clients

     Adaptable management

     Highly qualified personnel

     Closed cycle of the construction process